Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Unable to connect to SQL Server session database. The connection string (server='', database='SharedServices1_DB') was returned by an...

1. On SQL Server 2005 Management Studio, below Security - Logins
locate the user that represents your web server, DOMAIN\MACHINE$.
2. Right-click the DOMAIN\MACHINE$, choose User Mapping.
3. Map the SharedServices1_DB. check the roles db_owner and public.
4. Click OK and you're set!

MASHINE - your mashine name

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Import user profiles from Active Directory to MOSS 2007

Scenario-1 - All users are in the current domain.

1. Go to User Profile and Properties under Shared Services Administration.

2. Click on configure profile import link. Select current domain as the profile datasource.

3. Make sure default access account is specified and is valid.

4. Run full import or incremental report.

Scenario-2 - Users are scattered into multiple domains or other data sources.

1. Go to User Profile and Properties under shared services administration.

2. Click on Import New Connection. Add a new connection for each of the data sources where you users are located. Delete any unwanted connections that might already be there.

3. Configure the import as mentioned above and make sure that Custom source is selected.

4. Run the full import or incremental import.

Permissions settings for sharepoint backup folder

Administrators Full Control
Authenticated Users Full Control
CREATOR OWNER Special Permissions
SYSTEM Full Control
Users Read & Execute; List Folder Contents; Read; Special Permissions