Monday, February 9, 2009

Event 10016: The application-specific permission settings do not grant Local Launch permission for the COM Server application

  1. Go to Start - Run, and type regedit, and press enter

  2. Locate and then click the following registry subkey:


    Note In this subkey, “CLSID value” is a placeholder for the CLSID information that appears in the event error. I.e. in case of Sharepoint, the CLSID would be {61738644-F196-11D0-9953-00C04FD919C1},

  3. Double-click on AppID in the right pane, .

    A dialog box appears. Leave this box open

  4. Go to Start - Run, and type dcomcnfg, and press enter

  5. In the Component Services window, go to Component Services, go to Computers, go to My Computer, and then click DCOM Config.

  6. In the details pane, locate the program by using the friendly name, then choose Properties by right clicking on it

  7. At the Security tab, in the Launch and Activation Permissions area, click Customize, and then click the Edit button.

  8. Add the Local Service or Network Service account by clicking the Add button, typing the user’s account name (Local Service or Network Service, this depends on whats in your event error), and then clicking OK.

  9. Select the account name you just added, click to select the Allow check boxes for the following items:

    • Local Launch

    • Remote Launch

    • Local Activation

    • Remote Activation

  10. Click OK two times and quit the registry editor

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